Strategies For Improving Nurses’ Emotional Health

Stress at the workplace leads to frustration and fatigue which directly affect the patient lower level of satisfaction where the nurses are not happy with their work. Improvement in the healthcare can eradicate this problem. There are several factors which are responsible for the stress of the nurses.

Encourage nurses to exercise daily

There are number of studies which shows correlation between the exercise and stress. Exercise regularly can reduce the stress of burnout. Exercise releases endorphins the body feel good neurotransmitter which enhances moods and enhances sleep quality. Nursing assignment help, Regular exercise is important to control the stress of the individual.

Encourage to eat right food: ong shifts results in poor eating habits. Nurses should not have the sugary snacks at the workplace they should eat healthy foods. Nurses should also stop caffeine intake in the body and vending snacks and schedule regular mealtime.

Better communication: Nurses should have better communication with the manager so that they discuss about their demand of job and various methods to boost well being. Other way to improve communication is regular survey group meeting and performance reviews.

Start resilience training: Resilience training where healthcare workers learn to adapt stressors more effectively has been linked to lower burnout in nurses who work in intensive care unit. Program that incorporate psychological resilience techniques provide nurses with coping tactics that prevent stress, anxiety and depression. This type of training is associated with military but it is more frequently used in medical environment.

Promote self awareness and Emotional intelligence: Self awareness and emotional intelligence are the two coping strategies nurses often use in stressful situations. Research shows that nurses who have positive emotional focused strategy where they reflect on stressors and problems might deal with burnout better then nurses who don’t. Through series of training programs you can encourage better self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Organize social activities at work: A work life balance is very important in every discipline. Social activities promote better interaction between healthcare staff and improve well being. It might be difficult to organize a social event for all your staff especially when nurses work in the night shifts but doing so has multiple benefits. Some group activity ideas include theme days, workplace award, daily run routines weekly competition and fund raising drives.

Practice meditation : Practicing meditation with your staff lower stress level and could result in happier employees. Some of the benefits of meditation includes mindfulness, a reflective and relaxed mental state. Monitoring nurse well being enable institutions to detect work dissaticfaction and mental health issues quickly. Nursing assignment help, The well being index is a simple way to achieve this. The self assessment tool evaluates well being among healthcare workers and provides nurses with the resources they need to reduce stress.

Take care of physical health: This is probably the most important to take care for their mind and body. Your physical health can greatly effect the emotional health. Exercise regularly eat healthy and take sound sleep these are very important to keep your body healthy. Improving your physical health can directly effect the emotional health of individual.

Focus on mastering your skills :  It is important to focus on improving your ability to perform all nursing care and administrative skills independently. These skills will improve your confidence at work and promote satisfaction within your new role.

Practice deep breathing exercise: Deep breathing exercise have been proven as effective coping skills. They can help to release emotional stress and anxiety on the job, improve your mood and allow you to not to hold on the thing that are out of control.

Find a mentor or experienced nurse who is positive role model

Guidance is very important as it is very important to mange the demand of the work and to avoid the burnout. Recognizing your emotions and expressing them properly can reduce emotional tensions and emotional problems.

Emotional intelligence has become more important in data analytics in jupyter not only personal life but also at the work place. Emotional intelligence is critical to high performance due to the fact that it helps a person to stay motivated during stressful circumstances motivates peers and subordinates and deal with the complex interpersonal relationship successfully. Emotional intelligence is not a unidirectional but it is two directional evolving around concept directed towards self and other.

Management and organization research looks into the way of improving the Emotional intelligence of the employee aligning with organizational objective. Relation between emotions and leadership emotions team empowerment and proactivity. Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage one self and one’s relationship in mature and constructive way. Nursing assignment help, It has two intra personal domain self awareness and self management. Emotional intelligence is also referred as emotional intelligence quotient. Which is the ability of an individual to perceive. There are four main component of emotional intelligence, perceive self emotions,utilize this emotions to guide self thinking and actions, understand emotions of other, manage emotions to achieve goals.

Nurses deal with adversities in their working environment that can leave them feeling demotivated, angry and dissatisfied. Nurses play a very important role in the healthcare system because a large proportion of the system is nurse based. Facing adversities such as lack of appreciation poor remuneration and insecure environment a deficit in acknowledgement exploitation, a sense of neglect and lack of support can compromise the quality of healthcare provided by nurses. In a context where mental health care user are admitted and treated involuntarily nurses are exposed to stressors as well. In many nursing specialist area nurses who provide mental health care also experience job dissatisfaction and adversities, therefore it is necessary for nurse to develop protective strategies to facilitate emotion toughness and modify the negative effect of adversities in order to strengthen their resilience. Nursing assignment help need the opportunity to develop resilient attributes in the different specialist area, developing, nurturing, enhancing resilience can be achieved through purposeful intervention and educational effort to enhance protective factors. where nurses are not supported in developing their attributes, they can be compromised in their work and can result in the negative impact on current retention rate as well as future recruitment.             

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