Mediatek Helios Versus Oppo F11 Pro

Oppo F11 Pro review – What it is and what it offers You might have seen the Oppo F11 Pro already available online, but you are still not sure if it’s right for you. In this review I will try to provide you with an in depth look at the Oppo F11 Pro and see if it is suitable for you. I’ll cover some of the important features here:

Hardware and OS There are two variants of the Oppo F11 Pro available, with the first offering a standard hardware design and the second one featuring the powerful aurora green version of the phone. The standard version has a physical home button on the left hand side, along with volume buttons, a camera button, a Bluetooth button and some other controls on the power key. The second variant of the Oppo F11 Pro offers a much bigger and different design. The phone features a metal body and a full QWERTY keyboard set onto it, on a back plate that looks like a metallic tab and has curves on the sides.

Storage SIM cards can be expandable in most cases thanks to the manufacturer using Secure Digital or SD slots which makes card slots much more accessible and useful. On the other hand, the Oppo F11 Pro comes with only a single 16GB flash storage option. This means that users might find more storage space necessary in their devices, especially with the many games that people download. There is also no microSD slot so one would have to settle for a card reader in such cases.

The Oppo F11 Pro features an aluminum body that is smooth in appearance and very light. The body’s finish is actually textured, giving it a sporty and futuristic vibe. At first glance, the phone seems like it would be too big for the standards of modern smartphones. However, the dual screen feature on the Oppo F11 Pro means that the device really comes across as a mini phone, in spite of its size. The dual screens allow you to use the phone’s keyboard even if you have a small screen, which is great for people who are trying to multitask on their device. The large and high resolution LCD screen is also ideal for viewing media and watching videos on your phone. oppo f11 pro

Compared to the standard version of the Oppo F11 Pro, the one with the Helio P70 touch screen offers you a smooth experience. The phone uses a new technology called capacitive response which allows it to offer accurate navigation functions that are fluid in nature. However, the biggest difference between the two devices is the size. While the regular version of the Oppo F11 Pro measures in at 7.2mm, the Mediatek HELIO P70 measures much larger. It features a dual camera setup as well as a huge amount of RAM. Both of these give the device a unique feel, making it easier to come across as a high-quality phone.

When it comes to cameras, the Mediatek Helio P70 has the edge over the Oppo F11 Pro. In terms of image quality, the two phones produce comparable images. Both offer high levels of resolution, though the Mediatek’s clearer pictures are generally better when it comes to low light conditions. Finally, the phone’s photo capabilities allow it to offer users almost an unlimited shooting selections, which includes both still shots and video. The 90.9 percent image coverage of the Mediatek HELIO P70 makes it perfect for anyone looking to take the most of their smartphone experience. oppo f11 pro

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